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For most people, the word “prom” (often referred to as a “Leavers’ Ball” in the UK) brings to mind frothy princess dresses, corsages, and, more recently, absurdlyover the top “promposals”. This need not be the case. Here’s the first articlein a series on alternative prom looks that won’t make you look like you’ve just stepped out of a cliché.



Cara Delevingne is, of course, a professionally good looking person, but her donningof a tuxedo in the Topshop campaign proves that women can look just as stylish,cool, and impressive in them as men (if not even a bit better). Opting for atuxedo would place you within an illustrious line of badass fashionable women such as Angelina Jolie, Evan Rachel Wood, Ellen Page, Miley Cyrus, and Madonna.There is much inspiration to be had.


Ilike BCB Generation’s TuxedoStyle Jumpsuit, not only because it is well designed, flattering anddetailed (the faux leather lapels is a great touch), but because you only haveto buy one item of clothing rather than a shirt, blazer and trousers. Of course a white shirt, black trousers, and a blackblazer will always come in handy, but still. There’s also Y.A.S’s SleevelessTuxedo Jumpsuit which fits a bit more loosely, but still has the tuxedolook with a more plunging neckline. Alternatively, you could go for a TuxedoDress such as that designed by SelfPortrait – good if you want to show off your legs but want something a bit more androgynous than your typical prom dress. Might want to check the dress codefor this one though, as it’s pretty short.

我喜欢BCB Generation的燕尾服连身衣,不仅仅是因为它设计出众,细节精致且讨喜(人造皮的翻领摸起来可舒服了),更是因为你只需要买一件衣服,不必花力气挑选衬衫、外套和裤子。当然,白衬衫黑裤子和黑外套迟早都会派上用场,不过我还是会选择这件连体衣。Y.A.S也有一件无袖燕尾服连体衣,看起来更宽松一些,领口也更低,依然是燕尾服风格。除此之外,你也可以选择Self Portrait设计的燕尾裙,如果你想秀出自己的美腿,又想要比普通舞会裙子更中性一点的服装,那就是它了!不过你最好确认一下舞会的着装要求,因为这条裙子有点短哦。


If you’re feeling especially bold, you could wear a brightly coloured tuxedo, or matching suit separates. Again, Cara here leads the way – (in caseyou can’t tell, I love her) – the blue Mulberry suit she wore to her own collectionlaunch in 2014 is a great look to channel. ASOS Premium does a few goodalternatives; this redsuit has a similar lapel style and the same cigarette-style skinny trousersas Cara’s, but the jacket doesn’t fasten at the front – meaning you would haveto wear something underneath. There’s also a powderblue version and a goldfloral jacquard co-ord – if you want to go down this route, there’s no dearth of options.



That said, wearing an outfit that matches completely is by no means essential –wearing separate items can still look cohesive and sophisticated (e.g. LeslieMann at the premiere of ‘The Other Woman’ or Taylor Swift at the 2014 ACMAwards). Coast is currently stocking full-length skirts that would workperfectly, and have a curved hem which would allow you to show off your shoesshould you desire to do so – the Brianna skirt would work for a monochrome look such as Swift’s, or the Iridesa skirt for a softer, more romantic silhouette. Pair these skirts – or a pair of trousers – with a be-sequined crop top (as Coast does), an applique top such as Karen Millen’s GraphicLace top or a plain,boxy metallic t-shirt.

有句话说得好:不一定非得穿一套上下身搭配完美的衣服。穿搭独立的衣物也能让你看起来精致又和谐(比如Lesilie Mann在《情敌复仇战》首映式上的那套,或者Taylor Swift在2014年ACM Awards上的穿搭)。Coast最近出了好几款百搭的长裙,裙摆的曲裾让你能自如地秀出美鞋。这条Brianna裙子可以让你穿出TaylorSwift那样的单色风格;这条Iridesa则能让轮廓显得更柔和浪漫。可以搭配这些裙子(或裤子)的上衣有很多:比如一件闪亮的露脐上衣(像Coast这样);或者一件贴花上衣:比如Karen Millen的这件图案花边上衣;或者这件朴素方型的金属感T恤。

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